Which brushfire do we put out today?
Every good thing we grew up with is under attack.
The establishment is working overtime to silence our campaign.
We must prevail!
NO mandatory jab!
No stomping our Constitutional Rights!


Why would representative Manning want to block parents from knowing about school curriculum?
Could it be indoctrination is the motivation?
The time is now to get loud and fight the corrupt establishment.
Send your message to Rep. Manning - We The People will fire you!
We must protect our families and children.

Stand for Our Children

We must stand for our children.
---------All children--------
The attack to divide Americans with this liberal ideology must stop.
The fight to save this country has just begun.
Join us


The people want representation.
The people are tired of fraudster politicians.
The people want a common man candidate.
We can and will take our state back over for the people.

Shadow Banned

------Shadow Banned By Facebook------
We must be doing something right!
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Instagram: Blystoneforgovernor
Twitter: JoeBlystone22

Protect Your Children

Heart inflammation (Myocarditis) among young people and teens who have been fully vaccinated against COVID-19.
**Protect your children**
Heading down a road of no return.
My body my choice.

Breaking Report

BEWARE of the mainstream media!
We must let doctors do their job treating patients.
Many lives were lost because of a false narrative.
Our government does not have your health as a priority.
We must free our people from the corrupt political system.

Did You Know?

Did you know trials began for children as young as 5 years old?
Why is DeWine saying the only way to be happy & healthy is through a jab?
What is his motivation? Where is the data to support this push?


Protect Our Children

No critical race theory in schools.
No indoctrination in public schools.
Protect our children.
Bring back God and the Pledge of Allegiance in our schools.

God's Guidance

Traveling around Ohio and educating folks is the very least I can do to rid our state of this tyrant!
This is a big job. Our success will give freedom and power back to all Ohioans.
With God's guidance, we can overcome evil. I stand with every Mom, Dad, Grandmother, and Grandfather to make our lives righteous again.