Ohioans do not need another double speaking politician as governor. Renacci was recently interviewed by a central Ohio TV station & said the 2020 election was fair with no evidence of fraud. Yet today, on 610 with Dan Boots Longenette $ Mindy Drayer his story changed – why? I’ve been out there since 2020 calling out the fraudulent election. My story never changed.

We also do want our governor’s seat bought & sold to the highest donor. We do not need another rich politician buying his way into the top office in this state.

Lastly, I’ve been fighting shoulder to should with Ohioans to take back our health freedoms for years. I never saw ANY of my opponents out there – at ANY rally. Did you?

Ohio does not need another politician with favors & debts to payback. Ohio needs new leadership. I am asking for your vote Tuesday May 3rd.

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