(Edited Nov16, 0850 to include add’l info)

You think D.C. is the only political swampland in this country? This is what the Ohio swamp looks like. Turns out the person who filed the bogus election complaint against our campaign is represented by Attorney Scott Pullins. Who is Scott Pullins? Ol’ Scott is involved in a political campaign himself…as a county leader for none other than career politician and member of the Ohio RINO herd, Jim Renacci. We see you, Jim.

It’s all making sense now…not only is Mr. Pullins the Knox County Renacci leader, he is also a “top advisor to former Ohio House Speaker Larry Householder” and writes for the Ohio Star. For those of you scoring at home, the Ohio Star is the propaganda arm of the Ohio GOP that has published the hit pieces on our campaign.

Who’s ready for a real change in Columbus?

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