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Hello folks! This is a longer blog post than usual, so please bear with me. You might have noticed that I have not posted on my Blystone For Governor page and my personal Facebook page the last two days. That’s because Facebook saw fit to prevent me from posting for five days because I shared the article included below, which they say “goes against Community Standards on misinformation that could prevent physical harm.” Apparently, pointing out that the jab was not FDA approved by rigorous long-term testing is misinformation, even though that fact is widely known.Many of us who have conservative values are under attack from the far left. Censorship of truth is a real pandemic, and one that we must fight against. You notice the part where they claim “misinformation that could prevent physical harm?” That they are admonishing people who share this article shows they are intent on pushing a human experiment that reports indicate does not prevent transmission of the virus or keep you from getting the virus, causes adverse reactions and even death for some, and has unknown long-term health possibilities.Not only are our First Amendment rights at stake, but also our freedom of choice. It is important to pass any legislation that makes vaccine passports illegal. It is also essential to take the time to do the research before getting a shot that is only approved for Emergency Use Authorization and was rushed to market as a human experiment – against to treat a virus that factual data show has a 99 plus percent survival rate and little to no asymptomatic spread.I believe in an Ohio and an America where we have health freedom. Wear a mask if you want. Don’t wear a mask if you that is your choice. Get a shot if you want. Don’t get a shot if that is your choice. Nobody should ever be discriminated against, lose their job, be denied entry or service at an establishment and not have the opportunity to freely live their life just because they choose not to participate in a human experiment. We as Ohioans can prevent this from happening by standing up, speaking out, and getting involved. If you like what I stand for, I invite you to contact one of our 88 county captains and get involved in our campaign. I need your help. We, as Ohioans, need your help.Also, remember that Facebook is not the only place you can find me. Visit and share the www.blystoneforgovernor.com website and read and share the blog.In addition, you can find me at GAB @BlystoneforgovernorMeWe mewe.com/i/joeblystoneTelegram https://t.me/BlystoneforGovernorBlog https://www.blystoneforgovernor.com/blogTwitter: https://twitter.com/JoeBlystone22Instagram:  BlystoneforgovernorParler:  Blystoneforgovernor@gmail.comThank you, folks, for giving me an opportunity to share my thoughts, and I hope to meet you at an upcoming event!

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