Jim Renacci gave us one last thing to be thankful for this Thanksgiving weekend. By asking DeWine to sign HB 218, he gave We the People a peek behind curtain at the type of leader he would be. First some background on HB 218:

– HB218 WAS about extending the time restaurants could sell liquor. The language of that original bill was completely replaced and brought to the floor for a vote in just a few hours giving most Representatives less than two hours to read and understand its impact.

– Among other things, HB218 ALLOWS:

o vax mandates if the vaccine is FDA APPROVED

o MEDICAL WORKERS to be subject to IMMEDIATE mandate of EUA vaccine

o Proof of vaccination (vax passport) to enter or receive a service within a building operated by a Court


o Prohibit fines or higher insurance premiums for unvaccinated Ohioans

o Allow doctors to grant medical exemptions unless certain criteria are met including having a “bona fide relationship” with your doctor.

As I said in the Blystone Plan for Ohio, our State Constitution Article 1, section 21 already offers us all the protections we need. It needs to be enforced. A bill limiting those protections in ANY way is a non-starter in my administration.I believe nobody should tell us what to put in our bodies whether that substance is “approved” by a government body or not.

I believe all Ohioans, especially medical workers who probably understand the risks and benefits of the jab better than anyone, should be able to make that choice for themselves. I believe proof of vaccination is nobody’s business and should never be required to enter anywhere, especially a public government building (adding law enforcement and prison guards to the list of people RINOs won’t stand up for). And I believe people shouldn’t be penalized for their personal health decisions through higher insurance premiums, fines, or any other type of force or coercion.

Apparently, my opponent doesn’t share those same beliefs. He says no Ohioan should have to choose between a jab and a job. Signing this bill means those in the medical field or law enforcement STILL have to choose. And WE WILL ALL STILL have to choose at some point if that jab is “FDA approved”. This doesn’t sound like standing up for all Ohioans to me, how about you? Let’s all be thankful we know this now.




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