The economic shutdown caused by the pandemic, and our revolving door career politicians’ unwillingness to act, has had an arguably more devastating effect than the virus itself. Industries cannot turn off and back on like a light switch.

Again, inaction in Columbus has failed us. Ohio is well positioned to be a global powerhouse in innovation and manufacturing. Our colleges & universities, world renown research & development assets, and access to raw materials and industrial supply chains through rail, sea, road, and air make us a very attractive place to do business.

Rampant spending by career politicians supporting their special interest buddies has caused our tax burden to be higher than any surrounding state except Pennsylvania, including Democrat controlled Michigan. Ohio RINOs and Michigan Liberals are cut from the same cloth.

We will cut wasteful spending; provide a talented, trained, and motivated workforce; provide a fair environment to operate your business; and stamp out corruption at all levels of government within the State.

We have seen billions of our tax dollars consumed in scandal after scandal under Mike DeWine, First Energy and now the Ohio Department of Jobs and Family Services just to name two. People are waking up and recognizing who the political elite actually represent, and the truth is not only ugly, it’s expensive to all Ohioans.

The nation has seen what life can be like when we hire a non-politician. Joe Biden’s disastrous administration has done nothing but reinforce those thoughts. It’s time to hire a non-politician closer to home!

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