Invite Joe to Speak

Joe would love to speak to your group. 

He wants to learn what is on the hearts of all Ohioans. 

He also wants to share our platform and answer your questions.

You can invite Joe to your gathering of at least 100 people. 

Here is what we need you to do:

1.  Invite a minimum of 100 friends

2.  Invite Joe

Please submit your request to [email protected]

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  • Dennis R Cummings
    commented 2021-08-16 13:56:34 -0400
    Hello Joe.

    I have heard you speak in Paulding County and most recently at the Van Wert County Republican Central Committee Meeting of which I am a member. You are the one we need for sure to fix this mess DeWine and his other RINO’s have got us in. After you were here in Van Wert and people are now talking I would like to invite you back to Van Wert County. The County Fair here runs through Labor Day September 6th and normally is the day of largest attendance for the fair.

    Looking at your scheduled events you will be at the Richland Independent Fair (Union County) on the 5th. Would it be possible to return to the Van Wert County Fair on the 6th? I have discussed this with our Committee Chairman Thad Lichtensteiger and he also thinks this would be a great day to help get your positive message out. It may also be a great time to have Joanna accompany you if that is possible.
  • Maxwell Frazier
    followed this page 2021-07-11 18:04:17 -0400
  • Randall Pink
    commented 2021-06-08 22:19:30 -0400
    Every year there is a fireworks show put on by a gentleman by the name of Rob Hartfield for the 4th of July Holiday. It is going to take place this year Saturday, July 3rd. This event always has at least 100 people every year. We would love for Joe and Joanna to come and speak. The event starts at 5 and the fireworks start at dark!
  • Thomas Wells
    commented 2021-05-11 20:30:11 -0400
    I am the President of the Southeast Columbus Republican Patriot Club. We are only having out second meeting on May 26th at the Berwick Manor Party House on Refugee Road just East of SR 33. Our first meeting we had 36 people in attendance. I am not sure what our final attendance will be for the May 26th meeting. We have folks from German Village to Madison Township, to Groveport, to Lancaster, to Pickerington through East Columbus. Although we are working on our meeting on our June date but it is not confirmed as yet. Josh Brown was our first guest speaker and Tom Sussi is out one for the May 26th meeting. You are more than welcome to that meeting but once we establish the June meeting date and time, we would very excited to have you as our guest speaker. It will be at the Berwick Party House. Thank you for considering our invitation. Thom Wells 614-946-1349. [email protected]
  • Cross Country Man
    commented 2021-05-01 15:25:57 -0400
    I suspect Anonymous are the Whiner team of miscreants. Going to hear you Joe with a large group of folks on May 4th. God Bless your efforts to give OH a real Governor! We don’t want that scoundrel posing as a Gov. Get him out like his buddy Kasich and send him packing for parts unknown!
  • Anonymous
    followed this page 2021-04-24 16:32:02 -0400
  • Ilene Hess
    commented 2021-04-11 14:40:05 -0400
    WE meet you last night. We want to invite you to The Darke County Cattlemens Summer Picnic at the first Church of God, Ansonia Oh 750 s. Main June 6,2031 at 3 pm, would be nice for you to walk around and introduce your self. Thank You, Ilene and Roger Hess & family
  • Joe Blystone
    published this page 2021-03-04 13:59:26 -0500