2 biggest takeaways:

– DeWine’s support has fallen to 34%. The highest job approval rating he has with any group is 47%, and that’s with Democrats!

– The verdict is in on the other challenger. He should suspend his campaign so We the People can focus on Mike DeWine.

We’ve said for weeks the race was at a crossroads. Ohio Conservatives have to decide whether they will put their money behind our movement or allow him to buy our movement with his money. Thanks to small donations from Patriots across the state, we had one of the best fundraising months yet. All while Jim Renacci’s support has plummeted. The answer is clear.

Now on to the real fight against Mike DeWine. I hope all the Patriots who spoke of unity will now follow through on their commitments to get behind the candidate who can beat Mike DeWine. That candidate has clearly emerged. We would welcome your support in the challenge that still lies ahead.

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