Joe Blystone’s Policies

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Uphold State Sovereignty

State sovereignty is under threat all across our nation. It is no accident the Framers put the Tenth Amendment in the Constitution. They knew there would be times when the federal government would try to overstep its bounds. I believe we are living in one of those times. 

Executive Orders continue to pile up in Washington, orders that are going to have a devastating impact on the hardworking families and small businesses within our nation, as well as on our national security and sovereignty. This makes it even more imperative that Ohio’s elected leaders hold their ground to prevent federal or foreign encroachment on the liberties of Ohioans. As governor, I will be committed to preserving state sovereignty and will work with the General Assembly to uphold the Constitution in the face of whatever may come.

Protect the 2nd Amendment

As a farmer and hunter, I believe the right to bear arms is grounded in the belief that every American has a right to defend his life, the lives of his family, and his nation. I am an ardent second amendment proponent and will stand firm as governor to protect and preserve this right for every Ohioan.

Preserve the Sanctity of Life

Our Creator first established that every human life, however it comes into being, is equally precious. I believe that the sanctity of every life – of the unborn, elderly, disabled, or any ethnicity, from any socio-economic situation – forms the very foundation of our Constitutional Republic. Without it, there can be no life, liberty or pursuit of happiness. As governor, I will stand with efforts to preserve every life from conception to death. 

Stand for Health Autonomy 

COVID-19 has brought many issues to the forefront, including body autonomy—and who really has the power to determine what a citizen must put on or in his or her body. The government has no business telling Ohioans what is best for you or your family’s health. As governor, I will work with all health care providers and consumers, in addition to the leading medical experts within our state, to examine how the administrative “public health” agencies and authorities can be modernized away from a “one size fits all” approach. I will focus on solutions that better support an individual’s right to make their own informed medical decisions without government interference.

Manage State Spending & Shrink the Tax Burden

Most Ohioans just want to work hard and support their families. I believe in the American Dream; in hard work, prosperity, freedom for all, and the opportunity to build your path to success. I started my agricultural business in 2004 and then a nonprofit in 2019 with the goal of helping young adults and children learn the importance of hard work and living a happy, healthy lifestyle. I know how to run a business, how to cut the fat, and build a viable team of individuals bringing a variety of skill sets and backgrounds together.

Ohio’s spending is far from efficient. Our  state and local tax rates and business taxes repeatedly rate among the worst in the nation. 

We have a state budget of approximately $75 billion with a population of 11.7 million (and this is just a shell of Ohio’s actual” spending). States with comparable populations budget much less than what Ohio plans to spend on an annual basis.

–> Georgia’s budget is about $43.2 billion with a population of 10.6 million.

–> North Carolina budgets $52.1 billion with a population of 10.4 million.

–> Michigan budgets $59.2 billion with a population of 10 million.

–> And while Florida has about double Ohio’s population, their budget is nearly the same as Ohio’s at $88 billion.

Something is amiss here. We are overtaxing our citizens and overspending. 

Rein in Big Tech

Our first amendment rights have been under assault for decades. The past eleven months have made it even more obvious many players want to silence opinions of those who dare to speak against the rising factions within our country and our state. Big tech has played a major role in eroding free speech. Ohio must take serious action against these subversions of police power. 

Ohio can and should join Florida and Alabama in taking steps to protect this inalienable right for our citizens and the businesses who want to flourish here. As governor, I will work with industry leaders, small business owners, county and city leaders, as well as our General Assembly to protect our economy and our God-given right to use our voice for causes He deems important.

Bolster Election Integrity

Election integrity is a major issue on the minds of Ohioans. While the design of Ohio’s system has many strengths, we still have issues that draw attention to a need to do better. State legislatures are constitutionally entrusted to develop the rules governing elections, rules which should not be changed by anyone without the constitutional authority to do so (judges, secretaries of state, governors…) As governor, I will work with the General Assembly, Secretary of State, and County Commissioners across Ohio to ensure our elections remain free and fair.