Anytime someone steps up to fight for the people over vaccine mandates, we need to shout our support from the mountaintops. The Buckeye Institute, on behalf of a subsidiary of Shelby, Ohio’s Phillips Tube Group, filed suit against the Biden administration to stop OSHA’s unconstitutional mandate. Phillips “has invested significant resources in providing antibody testing for its employee. The results of these tests demonstrate that a significant number of the company’s unvaccinated employees already have natural immunity”.Biden’s mandate is not about health. If it were about health, we would ALL be testing for antibodies. And it shouldn’t matter if those antibodies were because you got the jab or you recovered from covid. Instead we only care whether or not you got the shot.

While our political elite sit high over Columbus watching regular folks face a decision between jab or job, we’re lucky to have leaders like the Buckeye Institute and Phillips Tube in our corner!

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