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David J.

Sir, you should NOT concede this race. Without question, DeWine cheated his way to victory, and he had oodles of help from the likes of GOP Establishment RINO’s Mitch McConnell and Karl Rove, and most likely OH’s previous RINO governors Bob Taft and John Kasich. Wouldn’t surprise me if George Soros had a hand in this, likewise. Funny that I saw WAY more Blystone signs than I did with DeWine, Renacci and Hood signs, combined. In FACT, although I did see at best a dozen Renacci signs (versus literally hundreds of Blystone signs,) I had NOT seen ONE single DeWine sign here in Crawford County. And I did NOT even know about Ron Hood running for governor. He did NOT even win his last political race. BOTH you and Josh Mandel were robbed, big time!! The RINO’s won in the Buckeye State. And Donald Trump endorsed a Never Trump RINO for U.S. Senator. SAD!!

Last edited 10 months ago by David J.