Three Strikes

ICYMI, Mr. Appel took the time to research what we’ve been talking about for months. The other challenger voted to support LGBT rights and he continues to lie about it.

It’s time for that other challenger to withdraw. He lied about his record, he lied about a major endorsement, and just a few weeks ago, he lied about a confrontation with a Pastor to where the pastor had to call him out publicly. We the People are behind the plate and we just called strike three.

Journalism isn’t dead. There are still folks (I know of 2) out there interested in sharing the truth, not peddling lies for a buck. I don’t think it was a coincidence Frantz had me on for a hit job and followed up the next day with the other challenger and a member of the frivolous suit brought against the campaign, being led by his (still current?) Knox County captain. Wonder if they all rode to the station together?

This is what People’s candidates are up against, folks. And we’ve had a chance to pull back the curtain for a minute to see what the swamp really looks like in practice. And there you have it…”media” manipulation, lawfare, and lies. If you want more of that, either of the other 2 guys will do. If you want more exposing of the system, then #hireafarmer.

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