Understand this people.

The Ohio Elections Commission is a body of government appointed by Governor Dewine.

This body is responsible for hearing the campaign finance complaint against our campaign. There has been blatant disregard to rules the commission are required to follow.

While we’ve conducted our campaign to our interpretation of what the law defined for small donations, shouldn’t the commission recuse itself for being connected to my opponent. Should they have taken into consideration the Governor threatened to kick my a@! (Menacing charge filed) There are so many issues that smell with this, the common people lose!

The new high-priced lawyer hired by who? The time complaint filed within 60 days of primary required expedited hearing, coincidence?

This is why grassroots candidates with no money can be crushed by multi-millionaire elites and rig the system. Our legislators better pay attention, this can be done to snuff you out too. The following editorial shows a large campaign issue which the Rep. was fined 50K.

If in fact, the commission finds we did not take information correctly, I question the commission: why have you not issued a fine, but yet continue with some kind of witch hunt? Why is the commission not investigating monies from First Energy?

Contact the commission and ask why? https://elc.ohio.gov/about-us/contact-ushttps://www.msn.com/…/ex-ohio-legislative…/ar-AARTkwa

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