Several conservative groups reached out earlier this week to schedule what they called a “unity” summit. There were early signs the summit was being setup to pressure my campaign to take actions based on what this small group believed best for Ohio. This assumption was confirmed through a text message where an organizer of the summit referred to a “unity TICKET”, not “summit”. Their intent was made clear.

We agreed to meet for a summit to discuss policies best for Ohio. What we won’t do, is participate in a process LED BY A FEW that takes choice AWAY FROM THE MANY. “Thinning the field” has been used in Ohio politics for decades to ensure establishment victories. The People’s candidate is here. The days of establishment politics are over.

The campaign has also been threatened with a “scorched earth” tactic where another ticket joins the race at this late hour. They know this will further dilute the vote and ensure a DeWine victory. In short, if it’s not their guy, then they’ll burn down the house down with all of us in it. The establishment doesn’t know how to deal with a People’s candidate, a candidate who is here to represent their neighbors, not line their pockets. I don’t want a “job” or a “career” in government. I want to return this state to the people of Ohio. So their threats of giving me the “Liz Cheney treatment” fall on the ears of a patriotic farmer, not a politician. Those threats only matter to politicians. Our campaign will hold the line. We will push back and shine a light on these types of tactics.

When the other side comes out and says Joe Blystone is not interested in “unity”, know that I am only interested in unifying with the majority of Ohioans who believe in our movement. We stand in unity with those who want to restore our FREEDOM, establish FISCAL ACCOUNTABILITY, and secure our FUTURE by protecting and preparing our children.

Joe Blystone will not allow your choice for Governor to be made for you through backroom deals cloaked in “unity”. Our fight continues…








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